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Undershirts and tank tops are essential for any girl’s wardrobe! Start with a simple solid for the foundation to any outfit, or throw on a fun bright shade for an accent in a bold look. Perfect for layering with any style, these undershirts and tank tops keep your little lady covered and comfortable. 

From somersaults to handstand contests, an undershirt stays in place to keep her midriff concealed through all her flips and tricks. Plus a camisole can help cover her chest for lower v-neck tees or loose tops, letting her feel modest and secure all day long.

Find the softest styles in spaghetti straps, 1-inch straps, or short sleeves for basics to complete her closet. Look for cotton for extra breathable comfort. Purchase a convenient pack of her most used color, or a variety of new colors for her to mix and match for endless fashion. Experience the best clothing for your little girl at unbeatable prices with Kid City.